Leadership coach recommendations

The M JOS Company has a diverse client-base. The company is committed to delivering impactful results and lasting change.   Check out reviews and recommendations below.

Abdul Wahab

I had the pleasure of having Monique as my very first leader in the corporate tech environment while I was an intern. She never ever left any stone unturned in giving me (a part-time college kid) every opportunity to succeed, as well as learn and apply new technologies. All the way from Day 1- About the Company to Final Day - Graduation and Full-time job, she was with me always 110% giving advice, helping make connections, feedback on juggling multiple deliverables, balancing tech work with interpersonal development, and lots more. I am an accomplished software developer today in large part due to Monique's fruitful knowledge, time, and coaching investments in me. Being a former software developer herself, she knew and understood the growth peaks and valleys, and always led everyone around her by example. Today or in the future, if I had the opportunity to work with Monique again, I would happily take it. 

Tyler Lubbers

Monique is among my favorite leaders. When we worked together, her management skillset and technical know-how were vital to the timely delivery of big, complex, and high value products. As a software engineer reporting to Monique at State Farm Insurance, I was inspired by her passion, fairness, and ability to assemble a diverse and highly effective team. Now that I find myself in leadership positions of my own, I often think “How would Monique handle this?” I highly recommend Monique for any business-critical leadership position— she won’t let you down!

LaToya Musembi

I had the pleasure of working with Monique for 3 years as a Scrum Master for an agent application designed to aid agents to conduct business planning along with incentive application for office staff. The project was one of the few initiatives that was an agile initiative prior to entire company undergoing an agile transformation. Monique took on the role of Release Train engineer/Technology Manager. The initiative was governed by SAFe framework comprised of multiple teams ranging to 40-50 developers , products owners , testers , and scrum masters. The initiative was java based development. Under Monique, she often pushed our team to the forefront to create a continuous development pipeline. We were one of the first teams to integrate and deploy utilizing UrbanCode reducing our deployment time from days to minutes by integrating test suites and automation. Monique truly allows her team to grow and knows the balance of coaching to performance versus simply managing. She created an environment for autonomous teams to find what works best for each team and allowed team members to develop their skillset . For example, she encouraged all team members to develop cross functional skills of coding, testing and deployment responsibilities. She makes work fun! I admire her courage to take risks and look at areas for lessons learned.