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Leadership coaching & training 

The M JOS Company is a highly experienced Leadership Coaching and Training Company who specializes in helping employees and teams unlock their full potential to become effective, dynamic and

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Meet your leadership coach

Monique Johnson is a multi-talented Leadership Coach. Her background is in Information Technology and she connects with people providing an opportunity to build their careers.  Monique is a Leadership Coach, Blogger & Speaker at The M JOS Company.   Monique is working to completer her Masters of Business Administration at her Alma Mata University of Phoenix.


As a Leadership Coaching Professional and Speaker, Monique Johnson & The M JOS Company aims to deliver Leadership Coaching and Training programs that inspire their Clients.  The company strives to make every Client interaction memorable, with an emphasis on delivering actionable content.


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Leadership Coaching & Training

Working through the coaching process of The M JOS Company, you can discover the potential you have to make a real impact on yourself and your team.  The M JOS Company helps you analyze your career through a series of consultations and help you develop and achieve your Career Leadership Goals.  


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